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Alexandria is a wonderful city.  It is full of diversity, culture, and has an incredible history that goes all the way back to our founding as a nation.  With that said, we need to make sure that the city’s elected officials are smart in how Alexandria as a city continues to be the great city that it is. That is why as a city council member I will make sure that the city council enacts policies that are smart and efficient. In addition, we need to be strategic in how we go about incentivizing businesses to come to the city. You can be sure that if I am elected as a city council member I will focus on growing Alexandria in a way that will allow for a blossoming business hub, enhanced education, and increased social well-being.


About Fernando Torrez

Political leaders come and go during our lifetime, but it is the ones that leave a memorable mark on our lives and society that we so desperately seek.

Fernando Torrez fits the profile of such a leader. Since early in his life, Fernando has always put others’ needs before his own. Fernando is a natural born leader who proudly and honorably served in the United States Air Force for almost nine years...


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