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Alexandria is a great place to live, raise family, work, and retiree. With strong leadership that listens, yet is not afraid to stand for what is right, we can be sure that our city is led in a right direction. As an Air Force veteran, I will bring not only strong leadership but also a “voice of a reason” that can work as a team to better our city. As an elected official my focus will be on fixing our budget and making sure that we prioritize our spending in moving Alexandria forward. I will advocate for development that fits our city as well as preserve its historic nature.


Alexandria is a dynamic city and traffic congestion is a problem that we cannot avoid. However, we need common sense and out of box thinking to bring creative solutions. As a City Council, I will make it a priority to address traffic and parking issues.  We need to make sure that we won’t take any more parking spaces from residents and businesses. I plan to restore parking time enforcement to 7pm and make Alexandria more business friendly and welcoming to visitors.



As a small business owner, I understand the dynamics of a well managed organization. As a City Council member, I will bring a business mindset that will focus on creating incentives for small businesses which will have positive second and third order effects in order to strategically grow the City of Alexandria. My goal is to attract business to our city and help them grow by streamlining overregulated procedures. I will work on expanding our commercial tax base to generate more revenue and stop punishing our residents with constant increase in property taxes. By bringing more business to the city we can create a thriving economy.


Alexandria is a wonderful city.  It is full of diversity, culture, and has an incredible history that goes all the way back to our founding as a nation.  With that said, we need to make sure that the city’s elected officials are smart in how Alexandria as a city continues to be the great city that it is. That is why as a city council member I will make sure that the city council enacts policies that are smart and efficient. In addition, we need to be strategic in how we go about incentivizing businesses to come to the city. You can be sure that if I am elected as a city council member I will focus on growing Alexandria in a way that will allow for a blossoming business hub, enhanced education, and increased social well-being.


About Fernando Torrez

Political leaders come and go during our lifetime, but it is the ones that leave a memorable mark on our lives and society that we so desperately seek.

Fernando Torrez fits the profile of such a leader. Since early in his life, Fernando has always put others’ needs before his own. Fernando is a natural born leader who proudly and honorably served in the United States Air Force for almost nine years...


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